About Us

Our Heritage

Heritage Wedding Barns is a historic wedding barn venue located in Oceana County, the idea of your wedding in one of our barns makes the last part of our name evident. The first part of our name is Heritage, and our deep heritage is both in the land itself and in the family trade of timber frame barns.

The property has been in our family since the 1920’s with four generation using the same land for many different purposes. From peach orchards, cow pastures, hay fields, and home to our beloved timber frame barns, the heritage is in the land.

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Our Barns

The heritage is also in the barns themselves. Both the Legacy Barn and the Patriot Barn were dismantled and reassembled by Great Lakes Barn Preservation, a family business that has worked on timber frame barns across the Great Lakes region spanning four generations.

The craft of mortise, tenon, and wood pegs has been passed down from father to son. Each generation has worked along side one another and learned the heritage and art of the trade.

After many years of working to preserve timber frame barns, we decided to retire from our labor and spend time enjoying our own barns. Now, we are ready to share them with you, your loved ones, and family.

Come enjoy Heritage Wedding Barns’s historic wedding barn venue and begin your own family legacy and heritage.